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Download a copy of the Panel's Final Report (.pdf, 740 kb)
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In June 2005, the Panel released a comprehensive series of recommendations intended to strengthen the ability of the nation’s 1.3 million charities and foundations to serve as responsible stewards of the public’s generosity.

This final report (.pdf, 740 kb), which incorporated input from thousands of people across the charitable community provided through field hearings and national conference calls, proposes a carefully integrated package of actions from charitable organizations, from Congress, and from the Internal Revenue Service.  It recommends more than 120 actions to be taken by charitable organizations, by Congress, and by the Internal Revenue Service, which together would strengthen the sector’s transparency, governance, and accountability.

Audience in Senate Hearing Room
Panel Executive Director Diana Aviv and some of the audience at the presentation of the Final Report.

The Panel is encouraging charitable organizations to sign on to the report as a way to demonstrate to the public their commitment to the highest standards of ethical operation.  Use the online form to add your organization to the list of endorsers. Also, see the list of organizations and individuals who have already signed on.

This April the Panel released a Supplemental Report that examined nine areas and made more than 20 additional recommendations.

Download a copy of the Final Report.  (.pdf, 740 kb)

Download a copy of the Supplemental Report.  (.pdf, 253 kb)

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The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector is an independent effort by charities and foundations to ensure that the nonprofit community remains a vibrant and healthy part of American society.