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Panel on the Nonprofit Sector

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Supplement to the Final Report

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Download a copy of the Supplement (.pdf, 253 kb)

The Panel has released additional recommendations to Congress as part of its continuing effort to strengthen the accountability of the nation’s 1.3 million charitable organizations. This Supplemental Report is a companion to the Panel’s Final Report, delivered to Congress in June 2005, which offered more 120 actions to be taken by Congress, the IRS, and charitable organizations.  

The Supplemental Report focuses on nine areas, including international grantmaking and charitable solicitation."  As was true with the Final Report, its recommendations incorporate input from people across the charitable community.

Download a copy of the Supplemental Report or Final Report.



About the Panel

The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector is an independent effort by charities and foundations to ensure that the nonprofit community remains a vibrant and healthy part of American society.