A Smart Guide for a Successful Charity Fun Run

Ever heard of organizations hosting a charity fun run?. Hosting a marathon is definitely one of the best fundraising event ideas that also allows people to have a good time.

For first timers, it is normal to encounter difficulties especially in organizing and training for the event. A lot of people will be involved while you will struggle in planning for a realistic exercise regime to resist the pull of the pub.

The secret to a successful marathon is first known its basics. So before meeting your team, here are some things you need to learn about organizing a marathon.

Gather people to join your charity fun run, raise funds, and finance your community projects with these handy guidelines

Organize your team

Dividing your team in groups makes the distribution of tasks easier and faster. Appoint team leaders for every group and solid members who you think will stay active throughout the preparation period and the event.

Marketing team – look for sponsors and donors who can finance your charity fun run; take care of the promotions for your marathon; and take photos before and after the events for documentation and create buzz in social media.

Leg workers – run errands for the team such as obtaining and following up permits and printing of shirts for the participants.

Logistics – see to it that the number of people joining the event are monitored. Their tasks focuses on statistics, documentations, and making sure that every person gets his or her fair share of the event.

Treasurers – collect money from the registration or serve as repositories of money coming from sponsors; make preliminary determination of the total money earned from the event less expenses.

Auditors – review the money collected before and after the fundraising activity and make sure every single coin is accounted for; confirm the calculation of the treasurers regarding the income or determine the source of deficit if the total money falls short of the expected income.

Usherettes and communications team – communicate calls, messages, and emails from people who are interested to join; serve as the main point of contact who will answer queries and relay to the team other important communications relating to the event; welcome visitors during the event and take charge of the registration.

Food committee – take care of the food for the whole team during the event.

These tips will help you tackle all the hassles of organizing a charity fun run, from organizing, inviting sponsors, and gathering people to join your event.

Location. Location. Location.

Determining your routes in one of the major concerns of your marathon. The place basically plays a major role in making your fun run the best fundraising event in history. Popular places where most of the big charity fun run are usually held entice more people than other locations. If all places are taken, you need to have back up dates and alternative places. Here are some considerations in deciding for the location.

  • Carefully measure the route where your runners will be going
  • Disclose in the covered distance of your marathon in your ads (5 km, 10 km, or 20 km)
  • Be attentive to obstacles, challenges, or hazards along the course


Secure the necessary permits required by local authorities and pay the necessary fees. Don’t forget to tap public utilities and the local police for safety. For example, you should have enough number of ambulance parked in significant corners of the course which can immediately respond to emergency. Expect to keep get in contact with the department of public works, recreation department, and property owners.

Develop a Budget

Creating a budget for your charity fun run also includes a plan on how you can raise funds. Calculate how much money you need for the race. Things like free t-shirts for the runners, prizes, and other expenditures for food must be taken into consideration. The following are some ways on how you can raise funds.

Sponsorship – Gather sponsors for your events. They can be your former teacher, politician, or former marathon winners who have hearts for fundraising activities. You can have as many sponsors as you can until the event date.

Registration – You can ask for a registration fee for the interested runners. Divide the cost of your registration, for example, 50 percent of it will cover the cost of the event and the other half will go to your funds.

Donations – Don’t be afraid to ask donations from friends, families, and relatives. In exchange for donations, you can give them recognitions or free shirts after the marathon.

Great strategies on how to organize a charity fun run, market the event, and increase the number of people going to your marathon.

Key Tips to Promote your Charity Fun Run

Get your event well known to gather more people. The more people you invite, the higher the chance for your marathon to become successful. Here are some tips on how you can promote your event.

  • Create online awareness. Invite people through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Send your friends private message or create a page where everyone can follow for updates, and see enticing ads. Post in local running club media pages and invite people.
  • Go where runners go. Put up flyers and posters in target locations where runners might be such as in gyms, fitness centers, and shops. Ask property owners along busy running routes if they can put a banner or flier. Don’t forget tap your friends, neighbors, family, and your organization (if you are running a marathon for your organization).
  • Partner with popular teams. Tapping with famous organizations such as an association of trekkers, bikers, or runners would be an effective way to engage active participants. These people will also help you connect with other enthusiast and make your event even bigger and more influential.
  • Publish ads in local newspapers. Although this is already very traditional, it is still very effective considering the number of people who still read local newspapers.
  • Create a YouTube channel. Create teasers or short video promotions of your videos and upload in your YouTube channel. As you know, YouTube has the capability of letting your video seen by thousands of people in your location for free.

Once everything is set up, all you need to do is get excited with the as you wait. With this simple guideline, you can be more confident with your planned charity fun run. Now feel free to list it as one of the best fundraising events in your organizer

How to Plan for a Successful Fundraising Dinner Event

If you are looking for a way to raise funds that does not involve soliciting money from fundraisers, hosting a dinner party is your next best solution. The concept of a dinner fundraising event is simple. Guests will buy tickets to reserve seats for the dinner party. By selling tickets, you can earn as much as 25 percent to 50 percent of your capital but at the same time guests will also enjoy good food and entertainment in return.

Why does hosting a dinner fundraising party might be the best solution right now? First, people nowadays don’t like being asked for money without getting something in return. Second, there is an approaching holiday or event which makes the dinner party definitely a good fit and profitable option. We all know that a fundraising dinner party can be difficult to organize.

Check out great tips on how to make your fundraising dinner event successful. From preparations to the end of the event, this blog gives everything you need.

A lot of people will be involved and finding for a good venue and catering will be challenging. But don’t you worry because in this article, you are going to learn the basic secrets to make a fundraising dinner party successful.

Are you ready? The following are some of the most important things you need to learn.


Gather your team and plan on how the dinner should go. The following are significant agendas that you should tackle.

  • Place – Choose an affordable yet suitable place to can host your dinner. Top hill restaurants or uptown garden resorts are great ideas if your target audience are between 30 to 50 years old. Consider the distance, ambiance, cost, and food where you plan to host your dinner.
  • Food – If the place doesn’t offer a catering service, you can check for other catering services that offer good food and a good price. Make sure that you all have the right varieties of menu so your guests can enjoy eating.
  • Budget – Find out how you can come up with a cash to cover up your event expenses and pay for the reservations. You can take out a loan, borrow from a friend or withdraw money from your savings accounts and reimburse it later when you earn your profit.
  • Numbers – Decide how many seats are you going to cater which will correspond with the number of tickets you want to sell.
  • Price – Your tickets should at least be 25 percent more than your estimated cost of the event. This 25 percent will go to your funds. You can sell it as high as 50 to 70 percent more than the original price but you need to also make sure that your dinner will totally be worth it.

Cheers to a successful fundraising dinner event. Here are some smart tips to help you raise capital while letting your guests just enjoy the night.

Designate a committee

A fundraising dinner event requires a collaboration of efforts from everyone. If you have a large team, you will have an edge in creating this kind of fundraising event.

So once everyone is gathered, split up each group to smaller committee. Let each committee focus only on a particular tasks and have their agenda. The following are some of the most important areas that you need to pay attention and maximize for the success of your fundraiser.

Invitations – Have some people to design and produce your invitation. This means that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Understand that every person in your team has an edge over a particular task and you need to determine where they are strongest at. So once you Invitations team has been gathered, let them take charge of writing invitations for the dinner. The information should include the date, time, venue, price of the event, theme if there is any and RSVP address. Always remember the following tips when creating an invitation:

  • Your choice of color and design should match your specific theme
  • Clearly state the purpose of your fundraiser and the people who will benefit from
  • Make sure that your guests know what to wear
  • Include directions if you are hosting a dinner in some places that might be so new to your guests
  • Include a program in your invitation if you have prepared a program
  • Highlight the climax of the event which can either be a popular band after dinner, disco, game night, or auction
  • Leave your contact number, email or address to allow guests to confirm if they are coming or not

Entertainment – Other than inviting popular bands, you can actually pick good singers or dancers from your team. You can solicit for star-up bands and hire them for free in exchange for the free promotion during your event.

Activities – Organize a creative team who will take charge of the activities during your dinner event. Some of the activities that you can have include casino night, bake sale, cars wash, bingo night, and raffle.


So how do you make your event popular? Almost 80 percent of your event depends on how you can make it trending. The more popular your event will be, the more people will be enticed to buy your tickets. Remember that your goal here is to raise funds for a good cause by filling in all seats in your dinner.

You can start by building Facebook or Twitter page where you can create a buzz about your event. Let your friends, families, and relatives share any posts relating to your fundraiser. Making major announcements in your organization or school will also help spread the news with a touch of some personalization. Of course, don’t forget to leverage your local radio and television.

Remember, however, that a fundraising dinner party can be very personal. So think of the people you know might be interested – they could be lovers, married couples, or friends who are in the courtship stage. You can send them personal invites via mail or through formal letters and who knows they might want to reserve seats.

Things to Remember During the Fundraising Dinner Event


Creating a unique environment helps your guests relax and just enjoy the night. So make sure that your decoration will look enticing and fascinating to the guests. For example, if your theme is Vegas casino night, you need to make your guests feel as if they are in Vegas. Your decorations can include the Vegas entranceway and the casino themed decorations with shining tables and gaudy centerpieces. You can add casino tables, disco lights, and spin-it-to-win-it game. A backdrop or a photo booth could also make a great add-on so guests will enjoy taking pictures.

Learn the simple secrets of winning your fundraising dinner event, raise your target capital, and let your guests enjoy a night to remember with these tips.


Don’t forget to facilitate the fun. If you have hired a band, make sure that the music will go on. Let your guests feel the ambiance that you are trying to convey and make the while worth.


Make sure that the food is enough for everyone. Keep every table refilled if necessary, but remember that if you have a buffet kind of dinner, you will have to pay for the excess food orders.

Expression of Gratitude

At the end of the night, do not forget to say thank you to your guests who patronized your fundraising dinner event and of course to your sponsors. There are many creative ways to say thank you to your guess though such as giving tokens and certificate of recognitions to your sponsors.

These simple gestures will be great reminders for your guests and sponsors that their efforts and contributions did not go unnoticed.

How to Raise $2000 through a Clothes Swap Party

Ever cleaned out your closet and think you have some clothes you don’t wear anymore? If you are involve in a fundraising event, this could be your one big solution to raise funds.I’m not saying fundraising is easy. However, if you think about how many clothes you have and you combine them with your peers, the least you can get is $2000.

This amount can pay you to feed 200 street children, supply basic commodities to 100 storm victims, or buy school stuff to 100 kids in informal education.

A Clothes Swap Party, also known as “clothes swishing” is also a great way to get rid of your old clothes in the best way possible and update your wardrobe. Just charge an entry of $5 or $10 or set a good price for every swap. Invite people and see money flowing in. Here are some guidelines on how you can make your clothes swap party successful.

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party

  • Getting started. Meet your friends and choose a date for your event. The most ideal schedule should be in a month. This will give you enough time to gather clothes, prepare the place, and promote your event. 

Gather as many stuff as you can – shorts, dresses, shoes, hats, and scarves. While preparing, you should be able to get the word out about your upcoming clothes swap party. Create a page on Facebook and invite friends. You can also use your Twitter and tag people you know.  Just feel free to leverage whatever social media you have to reach out to people. Believe it or not, social media has a great deal of power in terms of promoting an event. Who knows you can even get more item donations!

In choosing a place, the one nearest to the town is the smartest choice. To save on cost, you can hold it in a friend’s house but make sure it’s not so far.

  • Managing promotions. One person should manage your event. Make sure that invitees are involved even before the event. Create discussions and ask people what they wish to see during the Clothes Swap Party. Reply to comments and messages. Post updates and pictures. Spread the excitement! 

If you are managing the event, make sure you are on your laptop or mobile phone as often as possible. Aside from doing online promotions, you can also print out fliers which you can personally give to your neighbors and friends. Of course don’t forget to use your phone – if you have a friend at the local newspaper, you can bargain for a space and have a short announcement printed.

  • After a week, your stuff should be filing. Borrow or hire a good number of hanging rails. Work where you can store your items for the mean time. If you are hosting at home, then work out where you can create a changing area and a source of full length mirrors. Collect shopping bags (recycled shopping bags can save you money and also good for the environment) for your shoppers. 

Check clothes for stains and holes. Have them stitch if possible but if the damage is too big, then you have to exclude them.  You can still include those items with minor damages but you need to inform your customers if they still want them.  All items should be freshly laundered to make them smell good.

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party 2

  • Running the event. Expect the event day to be very busy. A lot of people will be coming in and fitting your clothes. Monitoring can be difficult but it’s going to be a lot of fun. To give the best experience possible it’s a smart idea to give clear guidelines on what guests can swap and what they cannot.


  • clean and good clothing and accessories
  • no underwear
  • no fungibles
  • no clothes that are too old

Setting up the place

  • Assign friends who are going to guard the entrance and exit.
  • Clean the fitting area and wipe the mirror crystal clear
  • Choose good lightings
  • Make the clothes rack arrangement attractive
  • Place the shoes all in one area
  • Dress up the mannequins if you have

Of course, don’t forget to prepare a tin jar at the entrance for your fees. Don’t let anyone slip without paying.


We all know that food offers some kind of positive vibes and it helps to put fun in the fundraising. So make sure you include snacks and drinks in your setup. Some salad skewers, brie on bread, and pretzels can make a difference in your event. Don’t forget to add some pepperoni bread and some pop corns. These are really cheap but delicious goodies you can try.

More tips

  • Turn on some good music to make the ambiance lively
  • Throw in a little twist by auctioning off your popular items
  • Have on the spot sale towards the end of the night

Fundraising Idea Clothes Swap Party 3

Ending your Clothes Swap Party

When the night comes to an end, you can expect a lot of new stuff in your possession. So keep track with the number of items you have swapped and how much you have raised. Make a tentative total of your cash so the next day you would not end up blaming each other if something is lost. Here are some things you need to remember.

  • Clean up the house
  • Keep your stuff in boxes and secure them right away
  • Make sure you unplug the appliances for safety purposes

Always remember to say “thank you” to your guests. If you are planning to host another Clothes Swap Party, it is best if you have a registry book in your entrance, so your guests can sign up. This way, you can send them thank you letters through emails and keep in touch with them.

Clothes Swap Party is definitely a whole lot of fun and a great idea for fundraising. If you or your organization is currently having some financial difficulty, this is worth a try.


5 Easy Fundraising Ideas

Taking on the fundraising for any organisation can be quite a daunting job. Especially if you have never done anything like it before. You might be wondering how you got yourself into this position in the first place! Well don’t worry. No matter what your cause, NPO or charity might be we have some really easy fundraising ideas to get you on your way to achieving your goals.

Below are five really easy money making ideas that will put the “fun” back into “fundraising” for you!.

TED on Fundraising and not being afraid to fundraise

Holiday Fundraising: Gift Wrapping

If your fundraiser falls over any of the holidays you can ask your local mall or supermarket for permission to set up a gift wrapping table. Charge shoppers a small fee to wrap their gifts for them. Now remember you don’t have to keep this idea just for the December holidays. You can use it over Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s Day or any other time of year when people in your community are buying gifts for one another.

Points to remember for Gift Wrap Fundraising:

Make sure the public know that your service is being offered as a fundraiser. Put up posters, advertise in your local paper or on your community Social media group.

Ask members of your organisation or it’s benefactors to donate wrapping paper, ribbons, sticky tape and whatever else you may need, or speak to your stationers about letting you have these things at a good rate.

Gift Wrapping

Cook Book sale

This is a really great fundraising idea for any group. What you need to do is collect all of the members tried and tested favourite recipes. Then you take type them up and take them to your local printers. Explain that you are fundraising and would like to print recipe books to sell. Ask them to print you a few samples so that you can take orders before you make an order from them.

Then you need to advertise on Social media and in your local papers to let the world know what you’re doing and who you are doing it for (your organisation). You can sell your recipe book at a profit and keep the proceeds for your fundraiser.

Balloon Raffle

This easy fundraising idea is a fun take on the classic tombola or ordinary raffle. You will want to do your balloon raffle at an existing event. It works well at fairs but you can class it up with black and white balloons and use the same idea at any formal charity event too.

What you need to do is get donations of prizes. Depending on what kind of event your balloon raffle will take place at you can collect just about anything. Then you put all of the prizes on display and give each prize a number. Place corresponding numbers into blown up balloons. At the event people pay to pop a balloon. They tale home whichever prize corresponds to the number in their balloon. You can buy a few bags of candy bars or tea candles to use as filler prizes, making it more exciting when someone wins one of the actual prizes.

To make it even more fun you could let people throw darts to try and pop their balloon, but please do be careful and make sure there is a wall behind the balloons so that no one gets punctured!

Balloon popping

Bake off competition Event

If you’re eager to host an event for your fundraising there are so many things you can do, from car washes to auction sales. A really great event I attended once was a Bake off competition. It’s a bit like a glorified bake sale but a lot more fun.

The event is advertised for two weeks before hand. People pay a small fee to enter the competition and bring their baked goods to be judged on the day of the competition. At the competition all the cakes and cookies are displayed while the judges taste the samples. Tea, coffee and cupcakes are sold while the judging takes place. The winner in each category takes home a donated prize. Getting a store that sells baking equipment to make a donation is a really nice idea if you can organise it.

Then after the competition all the entries are sold to the public and the winning cakes are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cookies are one of everyone favourite things to bake and eat, and that’s why selling cookie dough for fundraising is such a great idea. There are a couple of different cookie dough companies who are more than happy to get involved in your fundraising event by selling you their cookie dough at special rates or giving your organisation a portion of the profits that you generate.

Sales are always great because just about everyone loves cookies. Who wouldn’t want the smell of freshly baking cookies drifting from their oven?! They are easy to make – all you have to do is roll out the dough, cut your cookie shapes and pop them in the oven for a few minutes. What do you know – anyone can bake their own cookies at home! Whether you want to do something fun with the kids or if you just love fresh, warm cookies yourself, cookie dough is a great thing to have stock piled in your freezer!

These companies all provide great sales options for fundraisers:

The Goodies factory: Allow you to make 40 – 50 % profit. The price is ranged between $10 and $16, making it an affordable option for families.

Otis Spunkmeyer: They are set up for fundraising and make the whole process really easy for you. They recommend a sales period of two to three weeks and have a good track record.

Fundraising Cookie Dough

Unique Fund Raising Ideas For Your Charity

Thinking of fundraising? Then your mind must be working in several directions. Fundraising can be a tedious task. More tedious  is the task of finding unique fund raising ideas. These are the most mind boggling of all. You don’t really understand where to start. Believe me, this was the same issue for me when I got into fundraising. First, it was for a local church charity.  I was confused about the right fundraising idea since the previous one had failed miserably.

I had to think of something that would be quick, easy and profitable.  After some thinking it struck to me that most of the time, the fund raisers that work best are related to food. Of course, it has to be a food item loved by all.  It happened so that after doing a lot of brainstorming, I was too tired and went to the nearby Krispy Kreme shop.  I ordered a dozen glazed donuts and coffee. As I was about to take leave, I saw a man who had come there to collect the fundraiser donuts. It was the “EUREKA” moment for me. How did this idea not get into my mind?

Get hot with unique fundraising ideas

Effective and Unique Fund Raising Ideas

Krispy Kreme shops are everywhere across the country. They are also spread across Europe and Asia. How could I not think of this amazing fundraising idea? I immediately went back and inquired about the Krispy Kreme fundraising program and was totally surprised.

It was much better than my expectations. I had thought that it would be a good method to earn some money for charity. However, it turned out to be the easiest and most profitable method. Among most unique fund raising ideas, I had come across, this seemed to be the most useful.

Krispy Kreme offers an impressive 50-60% profit margin with their fundraising products.

Savor your taste and your charity, Krispy Kreme fundraising ideas

They also offer 4 methods of raising funds. Yes, each method is unique in it’s own way.

You just have to follow some basic rules. These are some short simple steps towards your fundraiser success. Keep in mind, this fundraiser method is anything but boring, time-consuming and profitless. You will enjoy every step and earn mega-profits for your charity if you follow the steps perfectly:

Following The Steps of Unique Fund Raising Ideas

Chalking out the plan : First pre-sell,  inform your community about the fundraiser. Tell your friends, family and people you know about the fundraiser. Count the approximate number of people who are most likely to attend your fundraiser. Order boxes in little more numbers than required. This will help counter any extra rush. Maintain a sheet and take down every single detail so that you are not confused on the donut day.

Use mouth publicity:

No publicity is better than mouth publicity. Inform all the little ones in your neighbourhood and/or connected to your social network. Little ones will be the easiest target for a “donut fundraiser” they are most likely to bring with them their friends and parents. Parents can usually never say no to their kids and especially, when they will be getting  donuts at affordable rates in their neighborhood they will give consent. Pre-sell Pre-sell and Pre-sell: This is most recommended of all unique fund raising ideas. Pre-selling Krispy Kreme products is extremely easy as they provide a pre-selling form online. You can download the form and get going. The form will allow you to gauge exact number of donuts you need to order in order to make the Krispy Kreme fundraiser a success.  In this way, you will avoid wasting any boxes of donuts and even your money. You can also gauge the amount of profit you will be making.

Another benefit of pre-selling is that you will avoid a lot of paperwork and wastage of time.

Send out invitations:

Just like you send out wedding , baby-shower or any family function invitations via your mobile or email, send your Krispy Kreme fundraiser invitations. There are many reasons for using this fund raising idea. The first one is knowing how much success your fundraiser can be. Try to target the nearest friends and families first and you can move from there.  The number of responses will tell you the amount of sales you can generate. A method to concretize the sales, is by pre-selling.  In this way, you will know how many friends are actually turning up and buying your donuts. You can also avoid unnecessary rush on the fundraiser day.

Using social media:

Nowadays, social media has become the cheapest alternative for local businessmen. It is even a better alternative for fund raising. You can just set up a facebook page and get a  shop section or add a call now button added to it to pre-sell your donuts. You can promote your facebook page by asking your friends, neighbors and family to visit it.  You can make use of your twitter profile by starting a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser hashtag with some catchy lines like “buy yummy donuts, help the needy”.  You can ask your followers to retweet or favorite your tweet. You can also engage with them. Engage with your friends, neighbors and family on twitter and promote your hashtag.

Selling Krispy Kreme Fundraising products on the go:

This looks like a odd fundraising idea. But believe me, it works. This can be done with the help of your few friends. When you are travelling with your friends on a regular day, it can be turned into a fundraiser day.

Earn money and good will with smart unique fundraising ideas

You can sell your friends Krispy Kreme fundraising gift certificates or value cards. These are extremely convenient as you will not have to take care of donut boxes.  Carry more cards or certificates so that if you get more orders while travelling from other passengers, you will not face any problem.

You can think of many unique fund raising ideas, but one thing can be sure that with Krispy Kreme you will only profit.  You can relax and with a happy heart enjoy the success. So, have a nice time working for your favorite charity!


Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be a daunting task. This is true especially when you have very complicated fundraising ideas. Complicated ideas are hard to follow and can generate little or no income. Non-profit organizations or groups cannot afford to have lukewarm fundraisers. They need to get highly profitable non-profit fundraising ideas. The thing that most of the people ignore is simplest ideas can generate biggest profits. Fundraising ideas can be found anywhere and without the need of excessive raw material or hard-work. However, people tend to look at complex and complicated ideas and this is where things go wrong. Complicated ideas can turn off participants which can be the biggest drawback.

Time-bound fundraising event ideas targeting children are a hit.

You have to follow the ideas that click with your audience or participants. For example, if you are raising funds for a school then target children. Children will come along with their parents. Use games, fun or entertainment for fundraising. If you are targeting youth, then use talent contests. Ideas will have to be as per the participants and not as per you. Remember, you will have to think what works for the donors and not what works for you. This does not mean that you should put yourself in trouble or inconvenience. It simply means accepting win-win non-profit fundraising ideas to make your fundraiser a hit.

I have listed some of the best ideas and tricks to make your charity event a huge success. Take a look:

  1. Local Musical Concert:

This is the kind of charity that works with most people. If you have youngsters in your locality then this would be the best idea. You can even promote this event in your university or among your friends. All you have to do is pre-sell this event tickets on your facebook page or via website. This event will become an instant hit.

It is a fun and profitable idea to have a rock concert for charity.

You will be able to pay the local band and also get huge funds for charity.

  1. Krispy Kreme Fundraising

This is something I came to know about when I attended my friend’s fundraiser. She had organized Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser and I really liked the idea. Her fundraiser was totally flooded with donors. The biggest reason were the little kids who had come there with their parents and friends. I was lucky to get a few donut boxes for myself and family. She was selling each donut for $1 and had ordered around 4 dozen donuts assuming the crowd. But still there were little ones and their parents who were left without the donuts. She assured them of next fundraiser. I was surprised. Then after having a discussion with her she told me that Krispy Kreme fundraising has multiple options and is an extremely easy way to raise funds. She told me that if I didn’t have time to organize a stall or could not manage to handle the donuts then I could go for Krispy Kreme fundraising gift certificates which were easy to sell.

People can redeem these certificates for donuts at their preferred time. Next are Krispy Kreme fundraiser value cards which also work in the same fashion. Since, I love coffee and most of my friends also do she suggested that I should go for their signature coffee fundraising method. She also told me that coffee and donuts can be sold at a single fundraising event. I personally liked this idea as Krispy Kreme shops are all over the country and that is because of their popularity. So, among most non-profit fundraising ideas I find this one to be a piece of cake or should I say, piece of dough!

  1. Organizing a Fashion Show and Sale:

This is one is really a fantastic fundraising idea.

A fashion show for charity is a fashionable and popular idea.

This will work if you have lots of women and pre-teen, teenage or young 20 something girls in your neighborhood. This idea almost never fails. First and foremost, make an announcement that you are having a fashion show and sale for charity in your neighborhood. This can be done through mouth publicity, flyers, social media and almost through any inexpensive or free method. Ask people to donate clothes and select the best ones to go for the fashion show. You can also ask the donors to wear their dresses and walk the ramp. Set a price for each dress and sell the event tickets. You can earn profit by both selling the dress and also through the event tickets. Also, it is more than likely that the relatives, friends and family of the participants or models will come for the event. Therefore, even if the dresses don’t get sold which is unlikely, you will earn money through the tickets.

  1. Couple Dancing Marathon

This another one of my favorite non-profit fundraising ideas. This works with an age group of 20s, 30s, 40s and even with the oldest. All you have to do is tell your neighbors, friends, family members, relatives or almost anyone you know to join this event. The task is simple, the couple that dances till the end when no other couple is left is the winner. Charge some fee for participation and sell this event tickets as well. You can make use of social media to sell tickets and also for encouraging participation.

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas Strategies:

  • Target children as they are prime influencers. They come with their parents, family and friends.
  • Keep events or tasks simple and entertaining. Tedious tasks or boring events are unhealthy for raising funds
  • Keep time limits. Events that go on for hours can be tiresome and inconvenient. So, organize events that are time-bound.
  • Always use pre-selling method for getting a clear idea of the profit, profit margin and popularity of the event that you are organizing.
  • Workout details but don’t keep procrastinating. It is right to workout details of the event, however, don’t stretch too far. Thinking and just thinking leads to no action.

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas Tools:

  • Mouth publicity is the biggest tool for promoting your fundraiser. Tell everyone you know about your event.
  • Social media is another tool that will give you free publicity and easy response. Be active and use it smartly.

Hopefully, you will make use of the ideas, strategies and tools to raise profits for your next fundraising event. Do let me know!.